Railroad Commission to Post Quarterly Enforcement Data

On February 16, 2017, the Texas Railroad Commission announced that the agency will be adding quarterly oil and gas enforcement data to its website. Beginning with the first quarter of 2017, the Commission will post summary data detailing the number of: (1) oil and gas facility inspections with no violation; (2) statewide oil and gas rule violations; (3) major statewide oil and gas rule violations; and (4) district-initiated severance/seal orders.

The Commission also announced on February 16 that it updated its definition of a “major” oil and gas violation. A major violation is now defined as “a safety or pollution-related violation that causes a significant impact to public safety or the environment, is accompanied by conditions that indicate a significant impact to public safety or the environment is imminent, or is the result of deliberate disregard of Commission rules and regulations related to public safety or environmental protection.” Commission staff will now report major violations at the time of discovery in the field rather than at the time of referral for penalty action.
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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